More About Me

April Welcome to my storyboard! This is the place where you can grab a taste of my writing. But, because I’m a fan of free, I’ll rotate the content out often. As you can probably tell, I love fantasy, but my interests are wide ranging. Right now I’m working on editing a dystopian novel called Snapdragon, and many of my short stories explore what happens when fantasy creatures run into advanced technology.

During the day I’m lucky enough to get to spend time with my handicapped sister, who’s a bright-eyed delight brimming over with enthusiasm for life. In my spare time I write (bet you couldn’t guess that!) and design book covers for my stories. I’m having a blast learning how to use DAZ 3D software to make gorgeous images. But also, since I do try for a bit of well-roundedness, I attempt to garden. Hopefully this year I won’t kill off the tomatoes.

And perhaps most importantly, my new favorite TV show is Castle. It’s witty, funny, and about a writer. What more could I want?

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